A stupid person's reaction (Meme edition)
A stupid person's reaction (Meme edition) funny stories

alanad ....
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Thanks a lot for reading. Posted something funny after a long time.

A stupid person's reaction (Meme edition)

When a stupid person fails an English exam

Yeah, that's unpossible. Ima add this word in my dictionary soon. Thanks Einstein

When rain took place in his society

Oh wow, what a question!!!! This world would have been covered with umbrellas till now. I think you should also ask that, "Why are you leaving the roads without umbrellas?" I don't wanna imagine it


When you observe the name of a website

Yes, How? How is banana a buffalo? It should be like you right? Fully dumb?

And when you stare him while he's talking stupid

What's wrong with you? Can't you understand? You guys are very stupid

Hey guys! So I'm not breaking the rules of commaful. I tried something creative. Cause I just saw some Jackie chan memes and I got an idea of creating a situation by joining the memes together. It's just this face and sprinkle of stupidity which is making it funny. I hope you like it. I know it's not so relatable but I posted something lame and funny after a long time. And I'm feeling better now

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