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5 months.... plane stories

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For special someone. I think everyone knows about it so I don't need to tell anymore. Not interested in hiding.

5 months....

Dear Diary, I still remember I met someone on the first day of my poetic journey. And couldn't believe it's been 5 months since I starting getting obsessed with his talent. Felt like a mission impossible in my life. Thought I'll back off from this hobby of mine. But he gave me wings and I'm trying my best to use it.

He is just like my father, strict, sweet, hard working, caring, happy etc. And I treat him almost like my father, raining odes on him just like daddy hehe. Oh yes, my "hehe" I'm glad to know it's been so popular among my close ones hehe. (Oops again) And I'm so glad to know he likes it just like I do.

The best sentence from him I ever heard was, "I want a daughter as talented as you". The sweetest sentence I've ever heard which melted my heart and made me little emotional too. This is such a blessing for me. I've never had such a brotherly mentor in my whole life. I think lord made me join this platform. Cause he knew my future.

A day will come when I'll be rushing towards my plane to his area just to meet him. I think more than chit chatting I'm gonna hug him the whole day. I've pledged that even if because of some reasons we won't be in contact, I'll pray for him everyday. And will ask lord too to support him from my side. Love ya Mr. Hydrangea, you're a blessing.

A little thought of mine which I wasn't able to keep inside. I'm very less stressed out and so only positive thoughts are flowing in my brain. And that's why I'm acting way too sweet lol. I hope it's not embarrassing 😂

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