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10th May 2020.....

"Doctor Terry! Are you here?" ,shouts samatha. "Are you in the garage? You called me right? I'm here." "Shhh! Don't shout. Come inside quietly." Whispers doctor. He called her inside the private room. "I want to show you something. It's behind the curtain."

"What is it? Have you created another massive juice maker? Sorry I don't wanna see it." Says Sam. "No no Sam. It's something which is gonna take you to a different world. Me and my partner have completed its research and invention. It's ready to be tested." Says doc with a slight grin.

"Okay! Then you can show it." Asks Sam He opened the curtain and both of them entered the Machine room.

"Here it is. The ultimate V-S8. It's gonna take you to a different world" Shouts doctor. "I didn't get it. What is it?" asks Sam. "In simple words, it's a time machine which can make you travel wherever you want in time. Sorry doc is not good in explaining." Says Michael, doc's partner.

"Oh! That's okay. Well! When are you gonna test it and who's gonna test it." Asks Sam with a confused look. Doc says," Okay, Understand. You are a brave girl. I know you love adventures. I know you have a lot of confidence for what you do. So...." Sam interrupts "So you want me to test it?"

Doc says with a nervous look "Umm... Y-" Sam interrupts again, "Fine I'll do it. I knew you're again gonna ask me to do something so here I am." Doc gives a big smile and pats Sam's shoulder. "You're brave Sam. I trust you. I'll tell you how to use it and tomorrow we're gonna test it"

The day for the final test...

"Sam, Are you sure? Will you do it?" Asks doc with a stressful voice. "Yeah! But where do I need to go?" Asks Sam "Your choice. Inside this is a screen where you can type down the time you want to enter in." Says doc. "Fine I've decided" says Sam.

"Where?" Asks doc. "2058" "Well! Fine. I hope you'll stay safe and come back soon. I'll keep talking to you from this bluetooth earplugs. All the best brave girl." Says doc. "Thank You doc. Ready for departure."

She types down the time and opens the glass box of the red button from which she could teleport to a different time. She starts the count down, " 10-9-8-7...." Doc whispers, "I'm scared." "...3-2-1". She presses the red button.

The machine starts rotating. The room started smoking. The floor started vibrating. Suddenly, the machine disappeared. Everyone was silent. The machine was heating. Sam was confused and scared. The machine was rotating very fast. Suddenly the rotation stopped and the door opened.

She went out and got shocked. The scene was so different and scary. Everything was changed. The whole world scene looked developed.

She landed on a hill having fake grass. She got really scared. She started feeling hungry and thirsty. She could see dirty and poisonous water from the top. She gave up. She then started walking. She then saw a tree with apples. She ran towards it and plucked one apple. She took a bite and then felt plastic in her mouth. She threw it in a rush.

"I never expected this to happen. Is this world gonna change so badly?", She said. She went down the hill and started walking on the streets. She saw people wearing metallic clothes and being mean to each other. She could see people using laser phones. She got confused. A dog started barking on her. She looked back and saw that it's robotic and has knife like teeth. She ran away.

Finally she saw a restaurant. She tried to go inside but the robotic security stopped her and inspected her. They took a laser scan and then let her in. Her heart started beating faster. She got nervous. She went to the counter and saw a robot with red eyes. Her anxiety increased. She finally asked for water.

" Okay, $20 please." Asked the robot. "$20 dollars? Water isn't free? We always get water for free." She asked. "$20 please." Said the robot. "Hey!" She said "$20 please." "This robot." She got angry and kicked the robot.

People started staring at her. She got scared and ran away. The security cameras took her picture. She ran far away from the restaurant. She sat down on a metallic bench. She started staring the flying vehicles. People were using flying cycles on the road. The badminton racquets had a sensor. Colours were so dull. Mostly grey.

The sun dropped. Loud music started playing. Her ears started hurting. She thought of going back. Her heart was fully broken after looking at this harsh condition. She headed towards the time machine. Soon she reached the hill and started climbing. But after couple of minutes she sensed metallic footsteps. It was getting louder and louder.

She looked back and saw an army of robot police and guards. She got super scared. Her heart came out. She ran with a scared look and shouted, "Doc. I need help. These robots are behind me.". "Hey! Are you okay? Okay, run as fast as you can and enter the machine. I'm gonna set the time." Said doc with a nervous and scared look.

She finally saw the machine and ran more faster. The robots started shooting. The robots started shooting laser handcuffs. She was just some centimetres away from her machine that she got handcuffed. She fell down and couldn't get up. She started dragging like caterpillar and tried to sit inside. She closed the door using her handcuffed hands and pressed her button using her knee.

The machine started rotating and heating. The robots who tried to stop it's rotation broke and blasted. The machine dissapeared. Robots got confused and went back. Finally the machine reached back to time. Doc opened the door in rush and saw Sam on the floor with handcuffed hands.

He sprinkled water on her. She woke up and started crying. "What happened Sam? Are you okay? Doc hugged Sam. " It's not going good. This world is worsening. I couldn't believe my eyes. Everything changed. People were so mean. I am so heartbroken. This world with destroy doc, this world will destroy." Cried Sam

Doc got emotional. He never saw Sam crying. He always saw her as a strong and introvert girl. But today he understood her love for this world and the sentivity for it "I'm sorry Sam." He cried. The whole room was silent and emotional.

The end

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