14th June proved Stardom
14th June proved Stardom thought stories

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Thanks a lot for reading. I hope you'll understand my thoughts and won't take it in a wrong way. People can change if they will to.

14th June proved Stardom

14th June 2020 Our lovingly and respected cinema personality Sushant Singh Rajput left this world. We still feel broken and scattered after this news. But only 'WE'. Which means the true fans of Sushant. Cause after his suicide attempt, it proved that the stardom is filled with garbage and jealousy in india.

Sushant was from a small family from Patna. He was very intelligent and talented. He was one of the toppers in school. But as soon as he joined the film industry, his life got stuffed with stress. Why? Because majority no. of famous personalities ignored him. In which mostly star kids are included.

This proves that people are mostly interested in the acting of the personalities who are born experiencing stardom. I've noticed a lot of new star kids whose acting skills are horrible. But still they get selected because their parents are legendary. I trusted a lot of stars who must be having a kind and warm heart. But after his expiry, their masks unwrapped.

A talented person like Sushant who had such awesome acting skills and was killing it in all of his movies and got no attention. While on the other side, the star kids who don't even deserve 3 out of 10 are getting so many positive ratings. This proves that people are noticing stardom more than the talent.

This is definitely gonna decrease the confidence of the normal kids who want to grow and expound their talent. Nowadays, small babies who have famous parents are becoming famous only by roaming and sleeping. But if an ordinary kid would roam like this then no one would give interest. We all are human man!

This is the most annoying thing I'd came across. You aren't giving the small town people a chance to shine brighter than the jealous ones. My trust from film industry has dropped like anything. I can't hear such nonsense anymore. People always say, "Don't judge a book by it's cover". But they do the same. So first, TEACH YOURSELF CORRECTLY AND THEN RAISE YOUR VOICE.

A month completed after his expiry which is making me feel so broken. I want to meet his dad and sister. They must be going through a lot which is hurting me. I hate Bollywood. Their smiles are so trenchant for me that no one would be able to understand. I can't believe them anymore.

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