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Don't hurt anymore

Don't say I'm fine Whatever the reason, that make you sad, just try to forget the past.

Being happy and being sad is a process of life just same as day and night. Without being sad you can't enjoy your happinesses.but don't make it control you,

Its maybe due to failure, breakup, personal issues, etc.... but now in present we need to fight with it, don't be afraid and stop running away. So just remember this points

• Expectations always hurt.yes it is our expectations which in the end make us sad. So Never expect anything from anyone.  Do your best for your closed ones but never expect anything in return 

• Don't think what other people think of you. Don't care what others think if we do like this and this. So Just live the way you like with your loved ones. Don't mind toxic peoples

• Don't think too much . Don't think too much about your past. Its just spare your time. Time heals everything, so do good in your present.all will fade someday and be happy.

• Don't giveup. Whatever the reason for your sadness , don't giveup. But if you giveup , you will regret it someday for sure.means quit forever.

• Do your best if it's fail again , don't worry its not end of your life, it's just like adventures story, all like to do adventures right?? Even in dreams? Don't you? So, keep trying one day you will reach your destination :-)

Thank you all;-) Will be back soon

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