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Amazon Rainforest

1. It’s huge Two and a half million square miles, to be precise. The world’s largest rainforest Diversity is off the charts,but Quite a few humans live there too....

2. It’s not really the lungs of the earth The rainforest pumps out a staggering 20% of the world’s oxygen each day,its decomposing plant matter also puts out roughly the same amount of CO2 as well

The majority of the oxygen we breath actually comes from microorganisms throughout the world’s oceans.

3.It’s disappearing 1.5 acres of the Amazon vanishes every single second and with it an average of 137 species become extinct each day.

Deforestation in the Amazon alone accounts for 30% of global carbon emission, and if things continue the way they are, there won’t be anything left in 40 years

4. It’s really dark at the bottom Amazon, the forest floor is almost completely black as only 1% of sunlight can make it through the thick canopy.

5.The longest river. Nile is the world’s longest river. However, Amazon river is the biggest river by volume, pumping out a staggering 55 million gallons of water into the Atlantic per second.

Some Amazing facts

The Boiling River With 93 Degrees Celsius Water There's another river in the Amazon Rainforest. One of them is called 'The Boiling River' It's literally boiling and at times its temperature can be as high as 93 degrees Celsius. So don't swim there ;-)

The Biggest Spider In The World Goliath birdeater, it's a spider so huge that it can eat's the heaviest tarantula in the world. With a body length of 13 centimeters, it makes almost every other spider look tiny.

Victoria Amazonica, Water Lilly These water lilies are so big and robust that they can hold the weight of not just a child, but a grown up human being!

Walking Palm, A Tree That Can Literally Walk The speed of their movement is slow because these trees move due to new roots growing toward sunlight and replacing the old roots. Imagine how much time it takes them to walk one meter.

Rafflesia Flower World's biggest flower,this plant has no roots, stems, or leaves. Its size is not the only remarkable thing, because it's also famous for its smell which reminds the smell of rotting meat. Now it facing Extinction.

Pink Dolphin One of the most incredible Amazon river residents. Pink dolphins can grow larger than humans and there's an interesting legend about them If you are curious just go and find it :-P

Pestalotiopsis Microspora, Plastic Eating Fungus Extremely important fungi because it can help us solve the global plastic pollution problem

Love your nature that made you, Thank you Will Be Back Soon

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