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God , he misses her. Misses her big brown eyes that always shown with kindness. He misses her whole.


God , he misses her. Misses her big brown eyes that always shown with kindness.

He misses her whole.

her drunk giggle and looby smile, or how they would stay the night talking. , or how they would laugh when he tries to curl her eyelashes or steel her food.

He longs for her but he can't do a damn thing about it.

Cuz one day she wasn't there anymore, but walking down the halls , the halls he was beaten in so many time he lost count, instead she was holding hands with the hot popular boy at school.

He saw her smile , but he wasn't the reoson behind her joy anymore. She didn't even notice him cuz she was to busy laughing at the jokes HE makes.

he watched them with his fists balled , helpless.

So many times he questioned himself , maybe if he walked down the hallways with that confidence that HE had , she wouldn't have left him.

Maybe if he was able to be attracted to her in a romantic way , she wouldn't have left him.Flawed.. But he couldn't do it. They were bestfriends , and he wasn't into girls , end of story.

And in the end pain was more loyal to him than she ever was.

He screamed and screamed and screamed until his voice came no more.

he looked at his writs , the ugly scars on them.

He wore them as his best attire , a stunning suit made of hellfire.

A razor was sharp and shiny within his hands. "Just one more time , a little more sharper ,and this will all stop." the razor hissed like a snake.

"the pain , the suffering..."

"you won't miss her anymore."the razor said.

"remember how they all leave you? I'll always be here for you no matter what."

he draw the razor nearer to his writs.

Nodding frantically holding the razor tightly above his trempling hands. Taking a long breath he made the razor touch his skin just a touch. It takes a lot of courage to master ending your life.

He did this many time , but every time he couldn't continue suicide. But this time is different , she wasn't there any more to pull him out before he end it all.

His anchor left him and he didn't find anything to hold on into anymore.

One more breath, the razor sliced across his skin , stronger that anytime before.

He watched as the world laughed at his soul as it faded away.

And he let the rivers of crimson flow...

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