01 : Clash -
01 : Clash
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Mysterious events unfold in the forest.

01 : Clash -

The echoing of footsteps scattered throughout the ground floor, rustling as twigs snapped and broke under the weight of shadows. Then, the shadows stopped, with two of them facing one another while moonlight illuminated their surroundings. Seeing face to face, both figures laid their hands above their weapons.

They watched as a single leaf fell in between them, fluttering slowly down until it almost reached the ground. Just as the leaf touched the floor beneath them, they unsheathed their weapons, with two bright thunderous flashes obliterating a section of the forest. Without stopping, the figure cladded in white kicked the air, launching them backwards with a speed that surpassed light.

A sonic boom can be heard for miles from the sheer explosive power of the knockback, which alerted the other figure to negate the impact. In a split second, the figure cladded in crimson crosses their blades into a defensive stance, blocking the impact but not stopping it.

Both figures shot through the forest like a bullet, shattering trees, brush, and even boulders with the immense force exerted from the white figure’s strike. They finally slowed to a still in the middle of an open valley, with silence settling as the swordsmen see eye to eye. Suddenly, both leapt back to keep distance and to survey each other’s next movement.

After a few seconds, the figure in crimson took a step, in which the other rushes in lightning speed head-first. Another thunderous boom erupts, splitting the area behind the crimson figure in half. Everything comes to a still, with the figure in white lowering their blade.

Just as his sword lowered, the earth beneath him cracked, causing him to instantly strike the ground due to instinct. A blade shoots up from the crack, clashing with his blade and pushing him upwards.

The force from the blades’ collision launches him into the air, surprising the figure in white since he was unable to negate the strike. The figure in crimson appears above him and kicks him downward, phasing through the white’s sword and striking him in the ribs.

He hits the ground a moment later, coughing due to a broken rib puncturing his right lung. Failing to stand, he opens his eyes, revealing black sclera and white pupils. The white’s cloak changes to pitch black, with gold engravings appearing on his back as he stands up.

He channels light into his blade, aiming it towards the sky. The crimson figure hesitates to dodge the attack, in which the beam hits the right side of their torso, leaving a hole four inches in diameter. Finally, it becomes silent again for the last time. -

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