It Kills When You Don't Pay Enough Attention

It Kills When You Don't Pay Enough Attention

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It Kills When You Don't Pay Enough Attention

by: Akuma by Angel You can listen to the story narrated through the link provided. Thank you.

On one of those unstable nights of October, a woman enshrouded with blackness came to a halt after the drain and strain of heaving a casket with all her might and mighty. She took refuge of some rest upon the pavement with bated breaths and surveyed the highway which was deserted.

In a last-ditch attempt to exhume relief, she consulted her wristwatch every now and then when her heart heavily pounded. She tugged her sleeves down and buried her rigid fingertips in grips until her nails dug markings. The stiffness of her fingers overspread the entire perspiring body of hers but still, she refused crouching.

Erected, she went to and fro the spot as a convict behind the bars of dying conjuring up the last fleeting glimpses which, if glimpsed by anyone else, gambled for would be her life for a sentence of inevitable demising. The woman's name was Emma Edrosis and the method she had obtained for making her meager living was renting clients a casket for little bucks which never protruded her pockets.

Ere dragging the heavy casket to the edge of the highway, as she was ordered by a client, she stopped by his mason to retrieve the casket after a long journey. It was half-past eleven when she arrived at the place and before she even registered her coming through proper knocking, by the wind, the door cracked open.

In a mild hesitation, she sensed no harm in indulging for the client noted out the chance of a family departure. And if so appeared, a key was left for Edrosis near about a whatsit she failed in recalling. The client had also given instructions as to where the casket would be, yet the possibility of it dwelled was kept from divulging.

Through her cell phone which was counting down to retirement, Edrosis deciphered the scribbled map sent by the client. She shrilled indignantly after she had just decoded the first puzzle before the phone had died which commanded her outside the house through the back door in parallel to the fronting.

She followed innocently the lead as she crossed a massive open hallway and everything she came across was encountered unnatural for there were no doors separating the chambers or even giving a little privacy. As if the inhabitants were all claustrophobic yet the possibility of a whole family suffering from one phobia was abysmally nutty.

The floor was littered with shards of glasses and speckles of red, by the verge of her narrowed eyes, were spotted. Yet, Edrosis had to ignore the foreboding since all she came for was retrieving the casket for another client which meant more dibs and less loanings. An instant afterward, Edrosis had finally reached the transparent destination to the casket as she slipped to a halt before a door of glass through which

the casket was sighted. Thunderbolt hit the casket meddling the greenish space but the sky refused to pour a drink leaving it all clear before Edrosis. The force of her psyche tampered with every truth and reality when she was hit by a strange idea anyone in her shoes would be hit by within such circumstances.

A piece of “ Get me out of here ” letter laid upon the casket which held Edrosis back instantly from performing her usual enactment. The moment the letter was dropped as a misplaced attachment, Edrosis crouched to heave the casket up but fell right away and the casket stood ajar for another thunderbolt which cast upon the reason why it seemed gaining more poundage.

Edrosis scrambled to her feet for that was the first time she laid an eye on a body and before she even had a jiff to think or scream, a cell phone rang and disbanded all of her madly. Failed in tracking down the turbulence of the noise through fumbling her surroundings, Edrosis came to a frightening conclusion that the phone must be inside the half-open casket.

With her face averted, she groped for the phone fumbling every cranny of the casket yet avoiding the corpse with every ounce of strength she gathered until she finally found it. In an undertone, she barely '' Hello,”ed and puffed out a cloud of fog. Her heart bounded roughly against her chest as she eyed the dead, fearing by stealth he might stand awoke.

“ Ironic, isn’t it?” the caller unstuck his throat which was clearly undergoing some change of tone. Bemused Edrosis “ Pardon?” ed. “ As if what you are doing for making a living includes only the living, you look dead on your feet just because you have seen a corpse.” the speaker sneered and went on before Edrosis sorted out her mind for a counter-response:

“ Tonight I am offering you the chance of a lifetime. All you have to do is taking your casket out as you always do but this time, considering what the dead have also asked you to. You don’t have to go all the way back again, you can use the front door of the back door where you are at the moment and it will take you straight to the highway for the show of two.

Wait for a ride and when you finally earn one, a one million dollar check will be yours.” The first and last pledges of putting an end to her indigence and subterranean way of making a living flashed luminously in her tears as she felt the danger behind such a risk. But she rocked her brains and pondered the prize which renting caskets until the last day of her life would not

edge her a little near a quarter of that wealth. Calculating the outcome of either decision of accepting or declining cast upon the same conclusion of her being accused of death. However, in case she accepted the caller's offer and succeeded, an attorney she would be able to afford and run her own business in another market ahead.

A few minutes have elapsed while Edrosis was lingering and weaving the imaginary ending of her final act. Missing the golden chance of earning that money easily for she did not pay enough attention and when the decision was finally made, she sealed the casket closed upon the dead. She thrust the cell phone into her pocket when she had no guarantee whether the caller, whoever they might be,

would call or even keep their word for it was the only way to hear from them again. The one behind the bargain was in more need than hers and it appeared to her money was their way to fulfil their needs when in her case, she was put in that situation because money was the only thing she scarcely gained.

She dragged the casket with all her might and halted every once in a while panting and wiping the drops of cold sweat oozing down from her forehead. Unaware it was more than sweat for that was the first time she underwent such kind of burden and stress. She pulled out her wristwatch again and again and when it struck half-past twelve, she noticed something and winced.

There was sweaty blood on her palms when its source remained a mystery unknown and unfixed. Certainly, she touched not the corpse, and definitely, the blood was hers. She was dressed in black yet unfortunately, her skin was paper-white and all the sweat she wiped off her face smudged her profile as tint. Flash of eyeballs light drew level with Edrosis in the dead of night

so she heaved a sigh thinking it was the ride to paradise but when her eyes met the driver’s, he goggled in total fright and so did all those who passed by. Except for a few who shoved their bodies outside their cars looking like for some reason they were having the time of their lives. None of them protracted a stop and regarding the revelers, they laughed and faked spasms of fright.

Edrosis assumed those who have actually feared her were afraid of the casket and the mere thought they might have feared her, crossed not her might. Deranged in her very unhinged self, the worst was afoot to come when the sky had finally rolled its sleeves up and thundered as many spots as it could with rattling din. One hell of a berserk night in which earthly conflicts of all kinds got

muffled and killed. Yet, fear in all its forms requested no voiced thrill and indeed Edrosis failed to hearken well when the corpse in the casket started scrawling and fighting for a way out from where it had been. And when it finally did, drops of rain poured and fell. A moment of lethal silence ensued before the woman was struck by a prickling sensation that something - that someone was definitely shadowing her.

Indeed, there had been someone for having a corpse as a company was not a thing to shut an eye to but it felt alive, it felt alive and ready to kill. A man, she glimpsed through the corner of her eye stood right behind her and the heavy pounding of his heart drummed in bangs. She swiveled around and retreated back when the scene behind her came to focus at last.

The casket was open and empty as it used to be ere then and the corpse stood where it shouldn’t be, where the living only has the right to stand. The sky rolled down its sleeves as Edrosis retreated back in more steps when a vehicle sprinted out of nowhere and sent her miles away dead.

“ Poverty kills the fun, eh? she didn’t even pay attention it was Halloween.” And I say, “ And so forgot all those in need.”

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