The Teacher-part one
The Teacher-part one stories
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Yuri Chan is a new foreign exchange student coming to visit Li-Chung Academy, She falls in love with Homachi Yuro, a new, also foreign exchange teacher from the west.

Yuri finds herself in love with the bad, boy, teacher until she finds out what he is hiding.

The Teacher-part one

Dark, Gloomy eyes, black, thread-like hair.

Soft outside, hard inside.

He's my teacher. Professor Yuro.

Hamachi Yuro.

CHAPTER ONE- Because He Wants Too!

I twiddled with my finger, wrapping my thin, soft, black hair around it until it snapped. I sat by my best friend Gina Yuki, she was doing the same thing only her finger got stuck in her hair.

We waited for our teacher to walk in any minute now. Just then a tall 6-foot-tall man with black, straight hair with a black briefcase. He walked passed me and a chill went down my spine.

He passed by the class and slammed his briefcase on the front desk table.

"Morning class, My name is Professor Yuro..Hamachi Yuro." He stopped and gazed at me. My violet eyes twinkled as his beautiful gaze watched me. He was handsome, I couldn't help but look at him.

He quickly looked away and faced the class once more. "I would like each and every one of you to introduce yourselves.

" Everyone stood up from their desk and walked up to Professor Yuro, bowed and introduced themselves.

I waited at my desk for the perfect time to walk up to him. I also wrote a lovely note to give to him just incase I get nervous and get tonged-tied.

"Nice to meet everyone." He said with a deep, sexy voice.

"I'm glad I get to meet all of you."

He sat down and crossed his legs, looking through his teacher planning book. Gina looked at me. "He totally just ignored you." I shrugged. "He probably didn't see me. Gina rolled her eyes.

"He was looking at you the whole time."

Professor Yuro flipped through the pages still not looking at me.

"Maybe you should try to get his attention." Gina whispered unto me. I nodded. "But how?" Gina tapped her chin diligently. "Ask him a question."

I raised my hand to get Professor Yuro's attention. He continued to ignore me and flip through his planner. "Um.. Professor Yuro.." I said quietly.

The class fixated on me and began whispering. Professor Yuro put his finger on his lip.

"Shh.. That's enough talking class." Gina looked at me, I was sweating, I couldn't breathe. His voice took over my mind.

He went back to flipping the pages. I raised my hand. "Professor Yuro!" I shouted. Everyone again became whispering. Finally Professor Yuro looked up at me, I was even more nervous. "Well...

Who are you?" He said curiously.

"Um.. Yuri, Yuri Chan!" He tapped his chin. "Sounds familiar.." He walked up to my desk and stuck his hand out. He grabbed my hand and kissed it.

His soft lips trembled, I could tell he was nervous.

"What a beautiful name." I noticed him examining my body left from right. "Well then, Yuri can you please pass out these papers?" He handed me a stack of plain, clear paper.

"Um, what are we going to do with this? I asked. He winked at me. "You'll find out soon enough!" He walked back to his desk. I sat there frozen.

Not because I was curious of what he said, but because his voice shock me again.

He sat down this time and watched me the whole time, I was handing out the papers. I felt uncomfortable. "Um.. Pro-" He interrupted. "Yes....Yuri?" And out of nowhere this came out my mouth.

"Why are you watching me?" Everyone dropped silent. "Pardon Me?" He said looking at me like I was insane. "I was making sure you were passing out the papers correctly." I rolled my eyes.

"That doesn't make sense." He tapped his chin. "It actually does, I don't want you to fold the papers in your hand like your doing right now."

I looked down at my hands which were nervously clutching the paper.

"Do you want me to explain why I am looking at you?" He got up from his desk and came to my ear. "Because I want too." He moved away from me and secretly winked.

"Ok, class once you get your paper, you may begin."

I sat down. "See Gina, I knew I shouldn't have said anything!" Gina rubbed her chin once more. "I know somethings off with that teacher."

"Did he tell you something?"

I nodded. (How did she know that) She leaned in closer while the teacher was reading the text book. "What did he say?" She whispered. "He said something about because he wants too."

Gina gasped. "And you didn't disagree!?" I looked at her. "Why should I?" She rolled her eyes. "That's how you gain a stalker!" I looked at her like she had four heads on each arm or something.

"Why would he stalk me?"

"Because he seems like the person who would do it."


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