The Baby Project- Part One
The Baby Project- Part One stories

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Freshman(s) Bella Kuron and Matthew Hamchi was brutally punished after a sick-prank gone wrong, after finding out they were worst frenemies, Mr. Hichi paired them up to be parents for one week. If they don't last both of them would have to go.

The Baby Project- Part One

Monday. 8:30AM


The reason I hate him.

Him as in Matthew Hamchi.

He is the worst person I have ever met!


CHAPTER ONE: The Reason Why I Hate Him.

Matthew Hamchi Isn't the ordinary young man that you would consider him to be. He's a master in disguise.

He can basically get away with anything! Probably because his father is the principal of our school. That's also probably the reason why he has friends. But one thing I know is.

I WILL NEVER be his friend even for the sake of it. He is pure evil!

7:30AM Social Studies:

I tapped my pen hard on the desk distracting almost half the class. The teacher shot me evil looks but I ignored it, Probably because I didn't want to get a detention again.

I watched as Matthew threw spitballs at Rachel Minoski, who was known as the school's nerd.

I rolled my eyes at him, HOW PREDICATABLE! I leaned back in my chair, just then I felt a wet feeling on the side on my face.

I glanced over in the classroom's mirror and saw a slimy, green, wet paper stuck to the side of my face. I looked over at Matthew who looked like he was having a ball the WHOLE time.

I balled up my fist and stuck them up at Matthew who just quietly laughed to himself. I squinted my eyes and turned back around in my seat. Again, another slimy, green, wet glop on my face.

"STOP IT!" I yelled. The whole class turned and looked at me. The teacher shot me an even dirtier look. (Not like I cared.

) The teacher rose from her seat and pointed me out the door, which basically meant I had to go to the office.

Matthew shrugged looking at me with some-what depressed look on his face.

"I told her not to do that!" The teacher winked at Matthew whose long beautiful black hair swayed in the air, making all the girls hoop and holler.

"Go to the office right now young lady!" The teacher shouted. (I don't know her name yet.)

I stormed out of the class room with a hissy fit, and stomped loudly down the hallway. "Hey! walk!" Mr. Tony the janitor called out. But the thing is..

I WAS WALKING! I slowly just walked like a turtle down the corner inside of walking like a NORMAL human being.

I arrived at the office.

The atmosphere was cold, lonely, and gloomy, all I was butterscotch, black and white posters, and two office ladies who looked like they were going to kill me if I walked any closer.

Mrs. D the staff official, looked at me with a facial expression saying. "HELP ME!"

I passed the gloomy office into the mean, red, devil's room. No wonder they were miserable.

I walked straight into the office and held my breath. I was walking into a devil's trap, and I was ready to fight.

But then a nice smile came upon the secretary's face as she saw me walk in. "Welcome, may I help you?" I raised an eyebrow. "Um, you want me to buy some butterscotch or..?"

The secretary laughed hysterically. "Have you always been so funny?" I almost fell out the invisible seat I had pretended to sit on.

"Now what may I help you with?"

I got off my invisible seat and walked up to her. "I was sent here because of that disgrace of a student, MATTHEW HAMACHI!"

The secretary nodded. "Yup, I agree with you!" My mouth widened. "Really?"

The secretary held up a finger, telling me to wait one minute. She then pulled out a pile of folders, It had Matthews name on it.

"I One-hundred percent agree with you, he IS a trouble maker, but his father works here so he can't get in trouble!"

I gasped. She pulled out some more folders. "This is Matthews old school files, he has been suspended five times, expelled once, and the rest is unexplainable!" I smirked. "Oh really?"

The secretary nodded. "But these can't be seen, we have to write ONLY good stuff about him."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh that can be arranged. I headed out the door. "By the way, you have detention after school!" The secretary winked. I shrugged happily, why?

Because I had all the information I needed.

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