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A sad reality of relationships.


It takes a lot to have a successful love story.

Relationships these days have become so meaningless. One begins and ends in the blink of an eye. Relationships have lost constancy, although there are exceptions.

The frequency and the impact with which 'I love you' is said in the initial days goes on reducing with the upcoming days. Days which were new and happening before, become monotonous now.

Possessiveness now, becomes distrust later. Distance becomes an excuse to break up.

My point is, why do you even get into a relationship when you do not have the courage to face the ups and downs?

Why do you even give a commitment to someone when you know the road ahead is a rugged one? Why do you give hopes when you aren't confident and ready for it?

Why do you welcome a person in your life when the only thing you have learnt is giving up?

There is no such thing as an ideal relationship. A relationship seems and sounds great but only the couple knows what it takes to have a relationship worth lasting.

It becomes great only with mutual sacrifices and understanding. Intimacy makes a person feel inseparable towards the other and one should respect it.

You gotta prove and express constantly while being in love. You gotta expect what's possible. You gotta be ready to face whatever it takes to stay together. Efforts are the key.

Expression of love acts as the catalyst to win one's trust. Giving up on your love is never an option. Once you enter the battlefield, you either fight or die.

It's high time to realise that a relationship is a mutual commitment where decisions from both sides matter. You cannot just end up by ruining your partner's life and emotions.

Moving on might be easy for you but it might take years for the other person. There is no room for selfishness.

Lastly, losing your virginity to someone doesn't show your closeness. Feelings bring you close, not intercourses. Love somebody only when 'giving up' turns 'giving everything'.

Nobody's life is a joke. Nobody's soul is a puppet.

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