A Letter from the War
A Letter from the War bittersweet stories

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A letter found on the battlefield, abandoned

A Letter from the War


Swords smash into each other under the blinding sun

The sounds of clinking metal and booming cannons fill the valley until it's too full to hold all the noise, and it spills out into the countryside

I hope it hasn't reached you yet, my love

For the past week we've been riding hard

But now we're hunkered between two mountains, face to face with the enemy at last

It's strange, for they seem just the same as our soldiers

They wear different colors, it's true

But their faces are like our faces

Their skin soft like ours, easily pierced by a sword

Once a body is on the ground, it's hard to tell what side it came from

With each cold face I pass, I worry it's yours

I scan the features, checking for your freckles, your laughing eyes

I don't know what they'd look like without life behind them

And every sigh of relief I breathe I feel guilty

For I know they belonged to someone else, who was hoping it would be anyone but them

Rowen, I know this war will end soon

But right now the violence and the anger threatens to swallow us all

I will fight, soon

Thus far I have stayed back, giving commands

I know you asked me not to fight

But I cannot in good conscience refuse to risk my life while asking my soldiers to lose theirs

I knew this career would come with sacrifices

But I never expected to fall in love with a man who gives me something worth fighting for

Who I must fight against

Already I feel so far away from you

Not only are we on opposite sides of the war

But death would be even more distance between us

I fear I could bear losing the war better than losing you

I go into battle tomorrow

I will ride hard and strike the enemy down

And I shall pray the whole time it is not your lovely face under the helmet of the soldiers I fell

Stay safe, my love.

I shall see you on the other side of this war.

If we both make it out alive

Yours forever,


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