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The internal thoughts of two teenagers dealing with unrequited love-- a story prompt for @sherlocktardis. Did a different sort of style here, let me know what you think!


"If he knew I liked him, he wouldn't even want to be my friend."

"If I could just tell her how I felt, maybe we could be more than friends."

"Oh my gosh! He's looking at me!"

"Did she see me looking at her? I'm such an idiot!"

"I should just invite him to my party tomorrow. We're friends, it wouldn't be weird. He'd probably even say yes."

"I wonder what she'd say if I asked her out. Where would I even ask her to go? The movies? No, that's stupid."

"I was just assigned to be her lab partner! Maybe this is destiny!"

"Crap, he's my lab partner. How am I supposed to pass this class if I can hardly talk to him?"

"Wow, she's really pretty."

"What's that smell?"

"Oh my god! I set my notebook on fire!"

"Was he even paying attention? I can't believe he did that!"

"Did I just ruin my chance?"

"I mean... his reaction was pretty cute."

"I bet she thinks I'm an idiot."

"He's an idiot."

"...But I like him."

"Today's the day! Ask her out."

"Should I have another party just to have an excuse to invite him over?"

"Is a note too cheesy? Or is it lame? Maybe she'd think it's cute? I don't know!"

"He said hi to me today!"

"I really like her haircut."

"I really like his new shirt."

"I'm doing it today. I'll ask her out."

"Wait, what was the homework?"

"Hey, Stacy! No, that doesn't sound cool."

"He keeps looking over at me. Do I have something on my face?"

"Yo, Stace! No, that's worse."

"Now he's staring. Maybe he fell asleep? With his eyes open?"

"Howdy! No, am I a cowboy now?"

"Oh my god! She said hi!"

"This week is the one where I tell him."

"I'll ask her today."

Hey Lance-

Hey Stacy-

Sorry, you go first.

No, that's okay.

Really, I insist.



I just wanted to tell you something

Wait, let me ask you something first.

I thought you said I could go first?

Oh, go ahead then.

Now I'm nervous.

At the same time?


Count of three?




I like you-

Will you go out with me-



"He likes me!"

"She likes me!"

"I guess it's not unrequited after all."

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