Try Again
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aknier I occasionally remember to write things
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They may fight a lot but they love each other more

Try Again

"I'm sorry, I love you" was always the refrain

"I'm trying, I promise" they would just repeat again

They'd kiss eachother's lips with tears sparkling in their eyes

"I love you, I'm sorry" and then they'd cry and cry

She thought he didn't care, but he just never told

How he thought of her all the time and never wanted to let go

He thought she didn't trust and wanted him to change

But all she wanted was to understand what was happening in his brain

Together and apart they loved eachother deeply

Through all their faults and all their fears they gave themselves completely

And they learned after all their time together and apart

That they had permanently left their mark on the other's heart

So now no matter if it looks like it's the end

They both have made a promise to always try again

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