Too Short
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I always felt like our time together was too short

Too Short

I always felt like our time together was too short

I think everyone in a long distance relationship feels that way, though

But it felt like as soon as you arrived for the weekend, you were leaving again

Days were too short for me to not want more time with you

Hours were too short when I was on the phone with you

Even over the summer

When I stayed with your family for two weeks on a lake

The time was blissful and magical

But it ended all too soon

We sobbed as we kissed goodbye

And all too soon we were apart again

But then, I graduated

You moved six hours away from home to an apartment with me

I thought I'd finally feel like I had enough time with you

But we both worked all day

Had to sleep at night

And weekends were still too short

All I prayed for was for the world to slow down a little bit

For you to be able to be by my side, 24/7

With nothing to do, nobody to see

Just the two of us

It was a weekend again, a long one because of memorial day

We stayed in our bedroom the whole three days, kissing, talking, and ordering takeout

It finally felt like it could almost be long enough

But that night, you called an ambulance

I'd had heart failure, they said

There was something wrong with my heart

So they sent me in for scans

The next week, you were by my side 24/7

Through scans and bloodwork and lots of drugs

We had nothing else to do, nobody but doctors to see

Just the two of us

And at last, the time didn't feel too short

Instead, minutes felt like hours

Days like weeks

And I got sicker and sicker

Finally, they had an answer

A tumor, right by my heart

Blocking off blood vessels

Stage four, they said

That night, we lay in bed together

Your body curled around mine as if you alone could keep me from dying

I knew then that our time together really was going to be short

You said I could beat it, but I knew the truth

I wouldn't be seeing my 23rd birthday

But something strange happened

Once I realized I wasn't going to get better

Time seemed to slow down a bit

I knew I'd never feel like I'd spent enough time with you

But suddenly, it felt like almost enough

You were by my side 24/7

In between the rounds of chemo, we'd talk about nothing and everything

And when you fell asleep, your eyelashes resting against your cheeks and your head in my lap

I wrote you letters, for every situation

I didn't want you to feel like I'd left you when I was gone

You're so good to me

You deserved so much better than a love who died from cancer

I deserved better, too

I deserved more time with you

I know I don't have much longer

But I just wanted to say

I love you

And I wish our time together hadn't been so-

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