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Remembering their years together

Through the Years

She's sitting on the porch, hands twisted around a hot mug of coffee

Her long silver hair blows gently in the breeze

And even though her face is crisscrossed with lines, there's beauty in the life she's lived

Her husband joins her on the porch, slowly setting himself down next to her

Automatically, his arm lifts and without thinking, she leans into him

They fit perfectly, two pieces of a puzzle that have been practicing for years

He kisses the top of her head, and she smiles

Even after fifty years, he still makes her smile

As they sit together, they think over the years that have tied them together more tightly than any marriage vow

She remembers their first date, at the drive in

How he was too shy to kiss her

But she kissed him

He remembers their first anniversary

He got her the gold locket that's around her neck still today

She remembers their wedding day, the dress she saved for for months

How beautiful she felt when she saw his eyes on her

He remembers the day he found out they were expecting

How happy, ecstatic they were at the news

He remembers the birth of their daughter and both their sons

How he cried in the delivery room

She remembers sending their kids off to college

How she cried and he held her

He remembers meeting their first grandchild

She remembers meeting all the rest

He remembers family Christmases, a giant evergreen by the fireplace and family all around

They remember all the happy times

The sad ones don't seem so important now

Fifty years together

And happiness in every year

He grabs her hand

And their wedding rings click together

They both feel lucky for the life they have lived together

And they both know that no matter how much longer they have together

For it can't be much longer now

The time that they had together was enough

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