The Wedding
The Wedding sad stories

aknier I occasionally remember to write things
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The story of a beautiful wedding

The Wedding

She floats down the aisle

White dress swirling around her ankles

She looks like a goddess, ethereal

Flowers in her hair

Tears sparkling in my eyes

She comes closer

Holding her dad's arm

I'm wearing a tux

Fidgeting with my hands

I love her so much

This wedding is the worst thing I could imagine

She catches my eye

I force a smile

She blushes

Just as gorgeous as always

She makes it to the front of the church

Stops in front my brother

And grabs his hands

So I hand them the rings and step back

It's a beautiful wedding

Not a dry eye in the house

At least they don't know the real reason I'm crying

The real reason I'm here

Because I wish this wedding was mine

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