The Plan
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Do your research, have a backup plan, don't screw up--That's my motto

The Plan

I've never believed in leaps of faith

To me, it always seemed dumb

Do your research, have a backup plan, don't screw up

Those were words to live by

I did the same thing with Xavier

Do your research:

Grade level? 12th

Eye Color? Blue

Compatible? Lab partners and we both play French Horn

Single? Yes.

Have a backup plan:

If he laughs at you, say it was a dare

Don't screw up:

Don't trip

I took a deep breath

Walked across the crowded cafeteria

Being jostled by shoulders of underclassmen

I didn't care

I had a plan

I was sticking to it

My research told me he loved chocolate

So I'd written the question on a chocolate bar wrapper


In bright silver letters

Those letters looked more confident than I could ever be

But I never back out of a plan

(Plus, I'd liked Xavier for the last two years)

Ten feet away

I rolled my shoulders back

Five feet away

He looked up at me

Right in front of him

"Hey, Jamie" he said with a half smile, flicking his hair out of his eyes with a tilt of his head

My heart skipped a beat, but I stayed strong

"Hey Xavier. I have something to ask you-" I start, but he cuts me off

"Actually, could we run to my locker quick? I have something for you."


This isn't how the plan goes.

I'm supposed to ask him to prom, he's supposed to say no, then my stupid best friend will stop being stupid and bugging me about it

I'm so surprised I guess I must have nodded, because the next second he was pulling me along behind him out into the hallway

"Xavier, I really-" I try again, but he cuts me off

"Wait, wait, almost there."

I stumble through the hallway after him, nearly tripping over my own feet. I'd be laughing right now if my plan hadn't been going so horribly.

"Okay." Xavier breathes, opening his locker

I take a step forward, looking to see what's inside

My jaw drops open

His locker is filled with streamers and balloons

And inside is a sign that reads,

'Jamie, will you go to prom with me?'

"What the hell?" I blurt out, and the smile immediately drops off his face

"Well, not exactly how I pictured you reacting, but..." He starts

But I shove the chocolate bar into his hands before he can finish

He looks down at the silver glittery letters

And breaks into a laugh

I do too

Neither of our plans worked

But I think that's okay

I never planned on falling in love with him either

But I did that

And now I have another plan to complete

Do your research:

100 pinterest boards

A five-star yelp-rated venue

A dress that looks gorgeous on me

Have a backup plan:

If it rains, we have an indoor church arranged

Don't screw up:

Don't trip down the aisle

And go marry the love of my life

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