The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year christmas stories

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A bittersweet Christmas love story

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You always said Christmas was your favorite time of year

The one day where people went out of their way to be kind

Where strangers smiled at you on the street

Where you felt that warm and fuzzy feeling all day long.

I never really celebrated Christmas as a child

But in falling for you I came to see it as you did

The best time of the year

I remember our first Christmas in our apartment

You were so excited to put up the Christmas tree we had gone and cut that morning

As I went to the car to get it, you watched me from the window

And the warmth of your smile was enough to keep my fingers from freezing

I remember that same Christmas

We were sitting by the fire

And as you fell asleep next to me, you whispered, “I love you”.

And that’s when I fell in love with Christmas too

But then, last Christmas Eve

You fell, hard to the ground

We rushed you to the hospital, and there they found tumors in your lungs

Terminal, they said.

That was my worst Christmas by far.

After you were gone, I had no hope of having a Merry Christmas.

Christmas was no longer the most wonderful time of the year

It was my darkest memory

I wasn’t going to celebrate this year

But it’s our daughter’s first real Christmas

I don’t count the one you were in the hospital

And I knew you you’d have made it special for her

And when I turned on the lights on the tree

Her eyes lit up exactly the same way yours did that night seven years ago

So I promise that we will always celebrate Christmas

For you

Because it is the most wonderful time of the year

Because it’s the time I can most remember you

And I know our daughter will grow up to love Christmas just like you

Because she looks just like you, too

And she makes me have a happy Christmas, just like you did

Merry Christmas, Noel

I miss you.

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