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The story of the treasures in the attic

-Wow, look at me finally writing again. Not the best but I hope you all enjoy it!-

The Attic

This room is filled with treasures

Oh, I know they don't look it

But they were special, once upon a time

That cup over there?

It's from the first toast of a wedding

The crystal sparkled that day

And the deep burgundy of the wine shone through

Matching the smile on the bride's face

That vase, there

It's from a christening

A firstborn boy

A healthy, beautiful child with curly hair

The vase sat up on the alter, filled with roses from adoring relatives

The clock on the wall

Way back there, almost hidden behind the coat rack

That was passed down from father to son over the last eight generations

My father gave it to me before he died, and trusted me with the secret of how to keep it running through the years

And this box here

Though it's smaller than the rest

Is just as special because of what's inside

Open it

Yes, it's a ring

It was my mother's

I saved it in here, waiting for the right person

Someone who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with


Will you marry me?

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