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-This isn't really a story, it's more of a thank you-

a HUGE thank you in fact, because without you, the readers, I would have given up on writing a long time ago

Thank You

This isn't really a story, it's more of a thank you

So read on, please, because I need to express how grateful I am

I have always loved to write

It's something that I did in my spare time, not really taking myself seriously

I joined Wattpad a couple of years ago, and tried to do some writing on there

However, I soon felt very discouraged

All the stories I was reading had millions of views, and mine would get one or two

I was beginning to feel like my stories weren't any good

Or worse, that they didn't matter

But I came to Commaful anyway, and started to write a bit

In my first week on the site I wrote "I Can't Believe You're Mine"

Which is still (by far) my most popular story

I was blown away by how many people read it, liked it, and left me comments

For the first time, I really felt like my writing was being seen

Now, writing is honestly my favorite part of the day

Because every time I check my notifications, I have likes and messages from people saying how much they love my stories or how much they impacted them

And really all I wanted was to write something that meant something to someone else

And Commaful has allowed me to do that

So I wanted to say thank you

Thank you to Sydney and Commaful for giving me this amazing platform

Thank you to all the people who follow me

(Which has grown to a crazy big number!!!)

Thank you to everyone who has ever left a like on my story

Because each and every one makes me smile

A huge thank you to the people who comment on my stories

Because you show me what I write does matter to people

And your sweet words inspire me to write more

But the biggest reason, the thing that inspired me to write this at all

Is how many people nominated me for the Golden Comma awards, before I had even logged in to know that they were happening

To think that my writing was impactful enough to inspire people to nominate me takes my breath away

I feel so incredibly honored and thankful to each and every person who has ever supported me and my work

Thank you for everything,

-Aknier xx

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