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What would life be like in a world where all emotions are manufactured? Where to feel you have to take -EMOTION-

Prompt from: @mariaokumura



March 16th, 2118

*6:00 am

Wake up: take -TIRED-

*6:30 am

Make breakfast, feed dogs

take -HUNGRY-

*7:00 am

Drive to work

Get stuck in traffic: take -ROAD RAGE-

*7:58 am

Almost late to work

take -ANXIETY-

*8:05 am

Arrive at work

Put coat and purse away

Sit at desk

*8:10 am

Begin to work

take -BOREDOM-

*11:30 am

take -HUNGRY-

Eat lunch

*12:00 pm

Resume work


*12:30 pm

Show boss work

*1:00 pm

Receive promotion

take -JOY-

*1:05 pm

Call Husband, tell him about promotion

(Hear Husband's monitor tell him "take -PRIDE-")

*1:15 pm

Resume work

*4:30 pm

take -RUSHED-

Leave office quickly

*4:45 pm

Begin drive home

Get stuck in traffic


*5:50 pm

Arrive home

Take off shoes and coat

take -RELAX-

*6:00 pm

Walk into living room and find husband dead


I stared at my husband

He was lying on the floor, monitor in hand and a needle sicking out of his arm

I looked down at my monitor to see what emotion to take

But the face of the machine was blank

No time

No instructions

No emotions

I just kept staring at him

Maybe for 10 minutes, maybe an hour

But my monitor didn't tell me what to feel

So I felt nothing

I finally was able to move

I pried my feet from the floor to kneel by his side

I looked down at the vial he'd been injecting into his body


All of a sudden, I felt a deep, throbbing pain behind my ribs

I looked at my monitor, assuming I would need to take -PANIC- or -ADRENALINE- to get to the hospital

But still, it said nothing

I felt my throat close up

I was surely dying, just like my husband

But the strangest thing happened

Instead of dying, I burst into tears

At that moment, I realized I was feeling -DESPAIR-

But without the monitor

I was feeling my own emotions

I looked down at my husband and saw a note in his hand

It read,

"My love- I was so tired of the monitor. I cancelled our subscription, so yours will stop working too. I tried to feel without it, but I couldn't. I'm broken. I had to feel something.

So I'm taking happiness. I know it's dangerous, but I have to feel. If something goes wrong, I'm sorry. -Your Husband"

I crumbled to the ground, sobs clawing their way through my throat

I felt -DESPAIR-

and -GRIEF-

and -PAIN-


and -ANGER-

and -LOSS-

all at once

I was miserable, but in a euphoric way

Because I could Feel

Not many people could anymore

But I still could

And I was never going to stop feeling again

I pressed a kiss to my husband's cheek

And I felt real -LOVE- for the first time in my life

He had given me a gift

And I promised him

I wasn't going to waste it

The End

Prompt: "The day her husband overdosed on happiness was the day she stopped buying manufactured emotions"

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