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A story about toxic relationships- *warning, strong themes of violence and abuse*


They sat together watching the sunset

His arm around her

Just a little too tight

From far away, they looked happy

She was happy, she told herself

She almost believed it


She's at home, doing the dishes

He comes home

Whiskey on his breath

A hard coldness in his eyes

Fingers curled in a fist

She bites her lip

She squeezes her eyes shut

But not before a single tear slips out


The next day, getting ready for work

She chooses long sleeves, and sets to her face

There's only so much concealer can do

At work, her boss asks if she's alright

She promises she's alright

Her words are as fake as her smile


"You're beautiful"

He says

Kissing her face

She lets him

Trying not to let him notice how she trembles as he raises his arm

But he simply tucks her hair behind her ear

She relaxes

She's safe

Well, safe for tonight


"What a shame"

The neighbors whisper

"Such a beautiful girl, and so young"

She doesn't think anyone notices

But they do

"Did you see her face? And she's so thin..."

She goes outside less and less

Her mother worries more and more


"Baby, you know I love you, right?"

He asks, and she nods

"I love you too"

She whispers back

And she means it, too

Until she sees the bottle in his hand


A spit lip is harder to hide, but she manages

She always does


Except when it comes to managing to see the truth

'Love hurts sometimes'

She tells herself

'Love causes jealousy'

She whispers at night

'He doesn't mean to make me cry'

She repeats again and again

But sobs still wrack her body night after night


Beauty shouldn't be covered in bruises

The colors of the sunset on her skin contain none of its beauty

But still she sees every happy memory before her eyes

Instead of the blood

She hears him whisper "I love you"

Instead of the sickening sound of a fist meeting flesh

She stays

She shouldn't


One night, when he's out

She sits on the bathroom floor

A little white stick in her hand

She waits

Barely breathing

A pink plus sign appears

She sobs



The voice on the phone asks

Her mother nearly cries

It's been 4 months since her last call

"What is it baby? What can I do?"

"Mama- I need your help"


She could take the toxic love

She could endure the beatings,

the bruises,

the cuts,

the even more painful words

But she will not, cannot, promise another to that life

She makes a decision


Quietly, in the dead of night

A suitcase

Three pairs of jeans

Two shirts


A bus ticket

A positive pregnancy test

And a very scared young woman

Leave the house


Five years later

In a house on a hill

Live a little girl

Her loving grandmother

And her Mama,

who's stronger than she'll ever know

They sit on the porch

Watching the sunset

The little girl sees the beautiful colors

She tells her Mama she wishes she could wear them on her skin

Her Mama smiles

As tears glimmer in her eyes

Because she knows that her daughter doesn't know

Because she knows her daughter is safe

Because she knows her daughter will never feel that pain

And because she knows that she will never feel that pain again

Because of her daughter

Her little miracle, sitting watching the sunset with her

She is happy, she thinks

And she is

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