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Sun and Moon are lovers you know

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon are lovers you know

Have you never heard the story?

Well sit back, child, I'll tell it to you

It started thousands of years ago

Before there were people on Earth

The Almighty existed, but was young, and lonely

So he created them for company

Sun he created bright and bold

To give light and heat to the world

Sun was courageous, confident, gorgeous

Her bright hair flowed in beams far through the sky

Moon he created smaller, quieter

Her pale light didn't reach as far, but she was the more thoughtful of the two

The Almighty set them next to one another

So that they would not be lonely

And he set about creating the stars

While he was occupied, Sun and Moon began to talk

They spoke in whispers of life and meaning and friendship

They bathed in one another's light,

And ever so slowly, they fell in love

The Almighty, however, had a different plan

He'd intended Moon for Earth, to be his bride

So, quite without asking, He set Moon with the Earth, leaving Sun on her own, and expected all to be well

However, all was not well

Moon was so depressed at losing her love, she stopped eating

She grew smaller and smaller, until there was barely a sliver left

Earth tried to help, to be a friend, but even that friendship wasn't enough

Finally, Earth called out to the Almighty

He was sad to lose his intended bride, but knew she belonged with Sun

The Almighty, however, was not so easy to convince

But agreed to a compromise

Moon would stay with Earth, and nurture him, as He had intended

And in return, once every few years

(For a year isn't very long to a Planet)

Sun and Moon could meet, and be together for a while

(This is what we call an eclipse)

Because of this compromise, Moon began eating again, and grew round and plump in time

But every month she would again be depressed, and have to be coaxed out of it by Earth

For although she didn't love Earth as she loved Sun, she cared for him and respected his advice

(This cycle of growing and shrinking is what we call the phases of the Moon)

Sun, on the other hand, was always more independent

She missed her love, but made friends with the other Planets

But she always shone brighter after seeing her love

And she still dreams that someday, they can be together for good

So you see, Sun and Moon are in love

Even though they are not together

Just like your Grandfather and I are in love

Even though I am on Earth, and he is in Heaven

And just like Sun and Moon, I dream of the day I can be with him again

So don't cry, child, I'm ready to be with my love

I will miss you too

But you'll see me again someday

For I will always love you, even if we're apart

Just like Sun and Moon

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