My Biggest Weakness
My Biggest Weakness confession stories

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My confession- please like if you empathize/relate 💕

My Biggest Weakness

by aknier

You're asking for a confession?

Alright then

Here it goes:

I was in love once


The kind of love where you think it's never gonna end and you'll live happily ever after forever

I was so in love

I was so trusting

I was so happy

I was so blind

He left me for another girl

The classic "it's not you it's me!"

The truth was we were fighting a bit

She was flirting a lot

He was probably flirting back

He liked the attention

As soon as he told me he had feelings for someone else

I was willing to forgive him

I was willing to do anything to stay together

He wasn't

He wanted to be with her

That part was more backstory than confession

The confession part is this;

Its been a year since he left me

And I want him back

Isn't that stupid?

Isn't that insane?

After all that happened

After all the hurt he caused me

All the sleepless nights

All the crying nights

All the heartbreak

And I still want to be with him

I'm torturing myself

I told him I was fine being friends

And I cry to myself after every time I see him

Especially if he's with her

That's like a knife to the heart

(Or to the back)

He hangs out with me and my friends

And the whole time I'm thinking, "not mine. not mine."

And oh so desperately wishing he was

What does SHE have that I don't?

Well, him I guess.

That's my secret

That being with him is addictive torture

That even though it's breaking my heart

I answer the phone every time he texts

I drop everything for him

I'd do anything for him

And yet he's not mine

And never again will be mine

Even though he'll always be

My Biggest Weakness

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