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Moving on is more complicated than it seems
-Warning: Mature Language-

Last Night

Last night I dreamed about you

for the first time in a very long time

Before, I would've been pining after a dream like that

One where you asked for me back, apologized for all the hurt you caused me

Before, I would have wanted to be back in your arms after a dream like that

But last night, before I fell asleep

I was talking to him, not you

He told me he loved me, and I felt so safe and warm

And it's so fucking like you to show up like this

Right when what I have is good, you can't let me forget the past

But I haven't forgotten how you hurt me

And how he would never

I don't know why I dreamed about you last night

I don't know why in my dream you asked for me back when in real life you never would

But even in my dream I didn't leave him for you

He is so good

He's so good and sweet and kind and he loves me and would never ever do to me what you did

And I love him back

And I don't love you anymore

I haven't for a while

I thought I was happy with you, could only be happy with you

But he proved me wrong

So yes, last night I dreamed about you

But my daydreams?

They're all him

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