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Invisible is the worst thing to be


by aknier

One of the worst things to be in life is invisible

The worst thing is to be invisible to someone you love

He sees me, enough

He sees me enough to text me when he's bored

But not when he's busy

Enough to accept my compliments

But not to return them

Everyone says that I should move on, find someone else for my feelings

What they don't understand is that everyone else is invisible to me when he's in the room

I can't think about anything, anyone else. Except him.

It's probably a problem

Some migbt say it's insane

But I'd rather be invisible to him

Than visible to anyone else

Cause he's like a magnet

Always drawing me in

I'm helpless against the pull

So I guess I'll be invisible for a while

Until my heart moves on

Or he opens his eyes and sees me

But for now, I'll be invisible

Always there for him

Always loving him

Always wanting him

Never quite getting him


That's me

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