I Thought I Understood
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The story of a journey to understanding love

(The story is better than the description I just suck at descriptions)

I Thought I Understood

by aknier

I thought I'd been in love before

I thought I knew how things worked

I thought that being in a relationship wasn't for me

I thought I'd never want to get married or settle down

I thought love at first sight was a myth

I thought love songs were overrated

I thought romance movies were just silly fairy tales

I thought I had everything figured out

And then I met her

When she walked into the room, I understood why people think angels exist

When she told me her name, I understood how you could fall in love with a voice

On our first date, I understood why people in movies would give up anything for love

After our first kiss, I understood what every love song was talking about

After our first fight, I finally understood heartbreak

On our anniversary, I understood wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone

And on our wedding day, I finally understood why people can't live without love

I thought I knew so many things

But now I understand

Love isn't a grand gesture or a sacrifice

It's the way she tucks her hair behind her ear

It's the look she gives me when I hold her close

It's the feeling I get when we're apart

But even more the feeling when we're finally back together

She came crashing into my life and changed everything I thought I knew about love

And I wouldn't change a thing

Because now I understand

That life is about love

And she is my life

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