How We Met
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"Mama, tell the story of how you met Daddy!"

How We Met

"Mama, tell the story of how you met Daddy!" my little girl squealed

"Okay baby, only if you promise to go right to bed after." I told her, and she nodded expectantly

"It was a dark, snowy night...

Nobody was on the roads

I was driving home, squinting into the blizzard

I could hardly see a thing

The streetlights were dim, barely glowing

I was hunched over the steering wheel

All of a sudden, I saw a shadowy shape on the road in front of me

I slammed on the breaks, but I wasn't fast enough

I heard a sickening 'thud'

I screamed

As soon as the car stopped, I threw open the door

Looking around frantically, I heard a moan from...

On top of my car?

I turned around, and saw a beautiful man draped across the roof

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! Oh, god! Are you okay?" I shouted at him

I sat up with a grunt, looking down at me

"You're awful short, aren't you?" He asked

"Well, you're on the roof of my car" I retorted

He looked around, seeming startled at the revelation

"I suppose I am. Would you mind terribly telling me how I got here?" He asked me

I could hear the Southern charm thick in his voice

Not like he was trying to flatter me, more like he was genuinely the sweetest person I'd ever met

"Well, I kind of hit you... with my car" I started, and he broke into a belly laugh

"By gosh I guess you did. I remember now."

"Why were you in the road? And in a blizzard?" I asked, and he smiled a crooked smile at me

"I was just walking up to the supermarket when the snow hit. I didn't think to bring a flashlight, it was light when I left." He answered, and I just shook my head

"You aren't from around here, are you?" I asked

"No ma'am, I'm not" He said as he slid down off the car

"I'm Parker, by the way. Parker Adams." He added, holding out his hand for me to shake.

"Hailey O'Connel" I answered, taking his hand.

Instead of shaking it, however, he brought it to his lips.

"Charmed" he wispered

"Likewise" I breathed, looking into his bright blue eyes

And that was the moment I fell in love with your daddy." I end the story, tucking in my little girl tight

"I wish I'd gotten to meet him" She sighs, holding her stuffed bear tight

"Me too baby, me too" I answer, smoothing her dark hair away from her eyes

Bright blue, just like her daddy

I miss you, Parker

But she looks more and more like you every day

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