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Women in my family had always had magic

Gray Magic

Delicate, sweet, happy

Flowers, honey, a spring breeze

That's how I used to describe my magic

Women in my family had always had magic, but mine was the purest in generations

My parents counted themselves doubly blessed that I was strong AND good

You see, mine was white magic, magic that made flowers bloom and babies laugh

Magic that made people kinder and happier and fall in love

I wore flowers in my hair and nothing on my feet and skipped through town

I loved to stand on my balcony and drop luck onto people's heads

People always smiled when they saw me

Especially David

David was tall, dark, and handsome

He was new to town, unlike most of the people who had lived here for generations

And he set his eye on me

At first I resisted, but then I fell in love

When I was around him, butterflies would flock from miles around and gather around us

Gardens would spring up behind me as we walked together

Everyone who saw us would smile

We were the King and Queen of the town

It was bliss

But David started to get jealous of my magic, how it made people treat me

How everyone payed me extra attention

David didn't like it

But I still loved him

So I tried to stop his jealousy by paying him more attention

Lavishing all of my magic on him

People in the town started to notice the lack of cheer

But I couldn't betray David and help others, so I kept my magic inside

It started to burn, and hurt

But still I choked it down

It begged me for escape, but I wouldn't let it

Then, one night, David was angry

Not just angry, terrifyingly, deeply furious

I talked back

And he slapped me across the face

Everything was silent for a moment

Then, my magic erupted out of me

It boiled from my hands and slammed into his chest, knocking him to the ground

I scorched the forest around us, and started a storm of epic proportions

David could hardly see me through the fire and the rain, but stood

So I struck again, a blast of lightning straight to the heart

David didn't get up

For a moment I was horrified, Had my magic turned from white to black?

But then something strange happened

The power running through my body felt more electric, stronger than anything I'd felt before

I could hardly contain it now that I'd let it free, and I was aching to do more

So I did

Vengeful, bitter, without hesitation

Broken hearts, bitter taste, a hurricane

That's how I'd describe my magic

I descend from the sky with a glorious storm behind me

Down to a helpless girl cornered by a furious, drunk, or evil man

And I step between them

And let my magic blast out of me, toward the men

And they scream

But the girls smile, or cry with relief

And I know the magic inside me isn't white or black

It's the pure and beautiful gray of a sky before a storm

Fair, swift, precise

The ominous click of being locked in

The comforting click of locking the world out

I can do both

I always take the girls to a safe place, and tell them

"You don't need a King to be a Queen"

Because I know I don't

And just like me, every woman has magic inside her

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