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Did you know that humans are born afraid of only two things?


Did you know that humans are born afraid of only two things?

Loud noises

And falling

They tested this with babies, actually

The loud noises is obvious

But the falling part, they put down these sheets of clear plastic over a drop

Then they set down some babies to see if they'd crawl off what looked to them like a cliff

They didn't

They can be scared by their other hand, but babies know enough to be afraid of falling

Which is kind of strange, when you think about it

Because when we get older, what do we do?

We go bungee jumping

Or rock climbing

Or skydiving

Or fall in love

Cheesy, I know, but hear me out

Our entire existence depends on us staying away from what could hurt us

If we didn't have those instincts, we'd die off really quickly

So it follows that we'd learn to avoid emotional hurt as well

But we don't

We join tinder or go on blind dates

Or even make new friends

Knowing that the odds are, at some point, these people will and do hurt us

So why do we do it?

I think it's the same reason we jump out of airplanes with a piece of cloth tied to our backs



And trust

Stupidity is the obvious one, we overestimate how resilient we are,

Curiosity may surprise you, but put a slightly older child in that room with the cliff and see how long it takes them to before they inspect it more closely

Trust is the biggest one

Because the same way that we trust the bungee cords not to break, or airplanes to keep us aloft

We trust one another to take care of us, to love us, and to pick us up when we're broken

So I guess that's the answer

We're stupid, a bit

We're curious of what could happen

And we trust our lovers not to hurt us,

Our friends to be there for us if they do,

And ourselves

To eventually be okay, either way

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