Dear Olive
Dear Olive bittersweet stories

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Bittersweet romance story

Dear Olive

by aknier

Hey, Olive?

There's something I need to tell you.

I think you're the the most beautiful girl in the world

I dream about you, all the time

In my dreams, I remember all the little things about you

The smell of your hair

Lilac, like your shampoo

How big your eyes get when you're excited

How you sometimes muddle your words when you're tired

The tiny little freckle on the back of your left hand

Olive, I remember everything about you

Especially how you make me feel

Like I'm jumping off the Empire State Building

But I know I won't hit the ground

Because I have wings

You're my wings, Olive

There's another thing I have to tell you, Olive

I've met someone new

I never thought I would

After you died, Olive, I was a mess

I swore I'd never love again

But Olive, I think you'd like her

If you two had met when you were alive, I think you would've been friends

Her name is Amy

She made me feel alive again, Olive

And after you died I thought nothing could

It was like I died with you

But I know that's not what you would've wanted, Olive

So I've decided to live again

I'd give anything to have you back

But I know that's impossible

Believe me, I've wished and hoped and prayed in every way possible

And Olive, I know we never got the fairytale wedding we dreamed of

But Amy and I could

And we could be happy

I really want to be happy

I'll never forget you, Olive

Every time I see the color pink I think of you

Every time

I know it was your favorite color

Even if you would never admit it

I'm getting married, Olive

I wish it could've been to you

But Amy makes me happy

Just like you did

I love you Olive

I always will

But for now, I'm gonna say


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