Dear Future Soulmate
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I'm in love with someone I've never met

Dear Future Soulmate

I'm in love with you

We haven't met, I know

Never spoken, never texted

But I'm sure, even though

I don't know what you look like

Hair brown, red, blonde, or green

Down to your waist or cropped close

If you're a boy or a girl, or something in between

But I know how much I'll love you

How I'll feel when I'm holding you tight

How my heart will flutter when your hand brushes mine

How with you everything is alright

I know you'll be beautiful in my eyes

With a smile that feels like sunshine

And a voice like soothing rain

And I know no matter what, we'll always come together again

Hurry up, my soulmate

Come and find me soon

I don't know where you'll come from

But I'm here, waiting for you

I know it might be hours

Or maybe years and years

But I trust that when I see you

I'll know that you're here

More beautiful than sunsets, no matter what your face is

Sweeter than a cupcake, no matter what your taste is

With you I'll have my happiest days

And maybe sad days too

But I know no matter what

You'll always see me through

Don't worry, my dear loved one

Whether near or across the sea

We'll find our way together

I'll love you

And you'll love me

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