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Leaving a toxic relationship and realizing worth

Beautiful Girl

by aknier

Beautiful girl, dancing in the rain

The sky's the same color as the bruises on her skin

Why do you love him?

Why don't you leave him?

It happens time and time again

Beautiful girl, cooking him dinner

He comes home, bottle in his hand

She's so soft and quiet and yielding

His words aren't the only thing that hurt her tonight

Beautiful girl, covering up bruises

Beautiful girl, telling such lies

Beautiful girl doesn't see a way out

She only feels beautiful when she's with him

He takes her to dinner

He makes her smile

He drags her by the hair

He hits her face

She whispers she's sorry

He promises to change

She convinces herself love can hurt, sometimes

Beautiful girl, having a baby

Beautiful family, the bruises all fade

"It's a beautiful life" she thinks to herself

But she should know some things never change

Beautiful girl, afraid of a bottle

Not any bottle, just when it's in his hand

Beautiful baby

Is in danger

She would let him kill her but he will not touch her child

Beautiful girl, packing their things

Buckles up her baby's seat belt so tight

Beautiful girl drives out of the city, leaving broken dreams, promises, and bottles behind

Beautiful girl is living at home

Her mother watches the baby during the day

There's no more screaming, fighting, hitting, crying in the life of her baby girl

Beautiful girl, rasing her daughter

No more covering up marks on her arms

Beautiful girl, meets someone new

Now her daughter has someone who deserves to be called father, too

Beautiful girl has learned to be fearless

Beautiful girl has learned what she's worth

Beautiful girl has a beautiful life now, just like she deserves

Surrounded by love

She tells her story

To her children, when they're old enough to understand

Beautiful children, so proud of ther mother

Give her everything she deserves

Her life ends nothing like she would've imagined

Safe, happy, loved

And surrounded by family

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