An Amazing Actor
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You wanted to be a professional actor

An Amazing Actor

You wanted to be an actor

You told me, between whispered promises, the future you imagined for yourself

Being on TV, or Broadway, or something

Making people laugh, cry, sing along

And I believed in you 100%

But I guess I always imagined myself as a part of that future

"You're an amazing actor" I told you

And I was right

I just didn't realize how good

That you were acting when you were with me, too

You said your lines to perfection

"I love you, I'll never leave"

You made your kisses believable and your touches convinced the audience of your sincerity

You seemed so happy, so content to be with me

And so I gave you all of me

And you acted like you gave me all of you

But you couldn't have, could you?

Because you gave some of you to her

I'm sure you really pulled out your acting skills then

I'm sure your smile melted her knees, like it did mine

I'm sure when your lines were "It's basically over with my girlfriend, anyway," you were so convincing

You are an amazing actor

And so your betrayal left me completely blindsided

Even the audience wasn't clued in

But the one thing, that in spite of all this, makes me not hate you

Is the day you told me what you'd done

You cried

And I knew it wasn't acting anymore

That was real, at least

I know it hurt you to hurt me

But the next day, you went back to acting

You no longer had any scenes with me

So you ignored me from that day on

So what was real? I don't know.

Because after all, a real actor becomes his character

I guess you're just not supposed to fall in love with them

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