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Abolena, heir to the throne of Knrock City faces the dangers of the outside world after her city gets destroyed and she's forced to leave the only place she's ever known.


As Abolena stood on her newly pressed throne, she felt an awfully uneasy feeling in her stomach.

The crowd around her cheered and chanted her name "Abolena, Abolena!" over and over again, but all was not well.

Her father walked to Abolena with a face of sheer panic. "Abolena.." He whispered. The crowd still cheering for Abolena.

Abolena was puzzled, but knew that her father had done something truly horrible when the sound of Knrock people screaming with agony.

Abolena demanded her father to tell her what was going on. Her father slid a gun from out of his pocket and proceeded to shoot at his own daughter.

"You are not my father!" She shouted in panic as she kicked the gun out of his hands.

A chuckle came from the shadows. Knrock people were dying left and right, a fire had rose spreading the panic throughout the city. "Well, well," the voice said "you've grown up fast now, Abolena!"

Abolena turned around, holding her breath. The silhouette of a tallish man with sharp fingers came into the light.

Abolena darted for the exit, hoping to escape. This man was a trusted Knrock guard, but now he is only traitor.

Abolena ran out the eit and toward the escape pods. "Abolena!" he shouted while dragging his fingers across the walls of the castle "wherever you go, I will find you! Wherever you hide I will be there!"

Abolena opened an escape pod and set the destination to unknown. This guard was scary, but he wasn't stupid. Someone could easily lock into the coordinates, but lucky for Abolena the coordinates change every 7 minutes.

Abolena watched as her own planet get abruptly destroyed. Soon after landing on a different planet, she even watched her planet blow up.

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