~Tricked~ Denki Kaminari X Male!Reader (Chapter 1)
~Tricked~ Denki Kaminari X Male!Reader (Chapter 1) mha stories
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Denki Kaminari held lots of regrets, but none were heavier than the time he tricked a guy into bringing him to his apartment. . .

~Tricked~ Denki Kaminari X Male!Reader (Chapter 1)

(Art Not Mine!!) Warnings: *Some Drunken Sexual Assult *Minoru Mineta (No, he's not the one doing the sexual assault, don't worry-)

"What?!" Kaminari looked at his short, purple companion in dismay. He couldn't believe what he was hearing!! Mineta and him had done PLENTY of scandalous things throughout their times in UA, but they were Pro Hero's now!! They had no reason to do this!! Mineta shook his head, "Keep your voice down!!!!" he whisper/yelled, lisping per usual, "You're gonna draw

attention to us!!!! "Well, maybe that's the point!! We can't keep doing this, man!!" "Come ON, Denki!!!!" the little pervert huffed, "You need a little action in your lif-" "I ALMOST DIED LAST WEEK!!!! I THINK I HAVE ENOUGH ACTION!!!!" Mineta sighed, "You need some kind of partner-!!" ". . ." "Exactly-"

Denki sighed, "Alright, alright, fine. What do you suggest-?" ~*-*~ "I did not mean 'Take me to a bar', Minoru-" Kaminari groaned as they walked into the building. "Oh, shush-" Mineta huffed, sitting down at a table and picking up a menu, "This is the best place to pick up desperate chicks!!"

Denki groaned, "C'monnn-" Despite his obvious reasons to not want to do this, he still sat down and picked up a menu. "Hmm. . .How do chicken wings sound????" Mineta suggested. "Boneless. Sure." Denki sighed. "Alright!! You're driving tonight-" "Fine-"

(Y/N) P.O.V. "(L/N)!!" My manager barked. "Yeah??" I called back. "We need someone at table 6!!" I peaked out of the window in the door. There were two people at that table- one looking like Pro Hero Chargebolt and the other like Pro Hero Grape Juice. Sometimes I wonder if Grape Juice even chose his own name. . .

"I'm on it!!" I said, re-tieing my apron. I walked out with my ticket sheet and a pen. "I'm so sorry for the wait!!" I said to the two Pro's, treating them like any other customer, "I'm (L/N), what can I get you guys??" Grape Juice looked up, "Yeah, we'll both have an order of boneless chicken wings-" While I wrote down their order, I noticed Chargebolt starting. He seemed to be starstruck.

I quickly shook it off, "Anything to drink??" "Yeah, [Insert Alcoholic Beverage Here Because I'm Lazy]. What do you want, Kami-" he looked up mid-sentence to the starring lightning-streaked male. He sighed, "Excuse me-" he ducked under the table. Suddenly, Chargebolt lurched, "AH-!!" he made some kicking motions, which stopped soon after Grape Juice popped back up in his seat, a lot like a weasel.

Nah, 'weasel' is too good of a compliment for him. . . "Did you just bite me?!" Chargebolt huffed. "Maybe-" I tried not to laugh, reminding myself over and over that I'm not allowed to laugh at the customers.

Denki P.O.V. I irritatedly rub my shin where the little pervert bit me. I swear, sometimes it's hard to tell if he really is straight. . . I glanced back up at our handsome waiter and felt myself blushing again. He was trying not to smile, and He wasn't too good at hiding it. If before I didn't short-circuit, I definitely was going to now.

Either way, this was incredibly embarrassing. . . "Drink, sir-??" he repeated. "Uh-" I quickly scan through the drink menu, before saying, "W-Water, water is fine-" "Water, huh??" he let himself smile this time, "You're driving??" "Y-Yeah, s-something like th-that-" I mentally kicked myself for stuttering again. In the shin.

Where Mineta bit me. They chuckled a bit, "Alright, I'll get those out as soon as I can!!" I breathed as they left. "You are so gay-" "I am bisexual, Mineta, we've been over this-" "Sure, sure-" I pretended to listen to the other stuff he decided to rant about. "Aye, Sweetheart~" "E-Excuse me-?" "Do me a favor, won't ya-?~"

I look up to see that waiter being hassled by some drunk guy. I sat up a little straighter, feeling the need to jump in if things got too out of hand. And, boy, did it. . .

No One's P.O.V. (Y/N) was a bit caught off guard when the drunken man grabbed him, "Aye, Sweetheart~" "E-Excuse me-?" he awkwardly tried to pull away. He just pulled him back, "Do me a favor, won't ya-?~" He tried to pull away harder, but he just yanked him back. He wasn't even sure what he was saying at this point, too focused on trying to get away as his

hands wandered placed he didn't want to be wandered. "Hey!!" he heard a voice bark, "They told you to stop!!" A hand grabbed the man's arm and pried it off of him, and (Y/N) managed to scramble away. He looked up, and it was none other than Denki Kaminari. "And what the hell are YOU supposed to be, Pikachu?!" the man slurred his words, "His White Knight?!"

White Knight?!" "Yeah, let's go with that," Denki smiled, "I'm THEIR Pika-Pika White Night!!" The man growled and spat a stream of fire at him. After Denki dodged, they kinda fought back and forth a bit before security came. Kaminari smiled triumphantly as they dragged the man towards the door. Suddenly, a hand laid on his shoulder, and soon, he, too, was being

dragged towards the door. . .

Part Male Done- Noticed y'all liked the first one over the Bakugo ones. . . Not gonna lie. . .It hurts. . .both as a Bakugo Simp and a Bakugo Kinny. . . Okay, for real tho, I'm kidding but jeez y'all are crazy XDDD Anyway, I hope you guys like this one too!!!!


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