~Only I'm Good Enough For You!!!!~ Jeleaus!Bakugo X Reader(Some Hawks X Reader)
~Only I'm Good Enough For You!!!!~ Jeleaus!Bakugo X Reader(Some Hawks X Reader) fan fic stories
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So, uh, yeah, the first story, It's Hawks from MHA, the reader- That's you!- is someone fresh out of UA, 18- So, yes, this is legal. The reader's personality is more on Bakugo's side, so just for that, you're with the rest of the class so I can do a jealous Bakugo :D

~Only I'm Good Enough For You!!!!~ Jeleaus!Bakugo X Reader(Some Hawks X Reader)

Name: (Y/N) (L/N) Quirk: Snow Leopard You have the appearance of an anthropomorphic snow leopard, complete with the strength, agility, claws, and bite power of one.

"I AM NOT GONNA BE NO DAMNED SIDEKICK!!!!! SIDEKICKS DON'T KICK ASS!!!! I WANNA KICK ASS!!!!" I sigh through my nose and roll my eyes as the dumbest pomeranian I know- Katsuki Bakugo, #1 in the UA Sports Festival in our first year- as he started ranting and raveing about how he didn't want tp be a sidekick, screaming in everyone's face. Didn't the dummy know you have to be a

sidekick before you can start your own agency?! My tail lashes and I stand up, apparently catching his attention as I walk out. "Oi!!" he barks, "The hell are you goin'?!" His barking is one of the reasons I call him a pomeranian. The other is the spikey ash-blonde hair. I know it's a cute name for that angry dork, but it fits!! "Food. I'm hungry." I huff. I continue walking down the hall

when I notice I'm not alone. I glance behind me to see him, and roll my eyes, becoming him to walk beside me with my tail, and he follows. The one time he follows directions is when I'm giving them. . .heh. . .todja he was a dork. . . "Why'd'ja follow?" I ask. ". . .Felt like it. . ." "'Felt like it'?" "Felt like it. . ." I smile a little in amusement. Neither of us would admit it, but we like each other's

company. In all honestly, I dunno what I'd've done this year without him. Gone insane probably. Be a villain. Dunno. I pull out my wallet- It's Pro Hero Hawks-themed. I got it from my Internships employer, the REAL Pro Hero Hawks. It was pretty cool, I guess. Only Mina and the other girls knew of my thing for the guy. . . "Mr. Peter and some Flaming Hot Chrisps, right?" "Yeah. (F/S/F) and (F/D)?" I nod, and he smiles at himself. This nerd, sometimes, I swear. . .

I put the money in the vending machine and punch in our snacks, getting him what he wants and me what I wanted. We sit at a table in oddly comfortable silence, before he says, "So, where you going to be a sidekick-?" I shrug, as I'm not sure yet. He nods, "Me too. I'm thinking Best Jeanist or Endeavor." I shake my head. Never had a good feeling about that guy. "Is it because of that girl with the toxic sludge hair-? His face flushes, "WH-WHAT?!

N-NO!!!!!" "Just sayin' you're 18 now, technically legal-" He throws a chip at me, "YOU'RE FUCKIN' SICK, Y'KNOW THAT?!" I catch it in my mouth, "Thanks, loser." He rolled his eyes and growled. He never really got that angry at me- again, weirdo. I flash a smile and go back to my (F/S/F). "Yessir, Mr. Hawks, they're in here!!" I turn to see Mina leading none

other than the #2 Pro Hero himself. He flashes a smile at me, and I feel my heart skip a beat. So glad I have all this fur to hide my blushing face. . . "(Y/N)!! Long time no see, huh??" he chirps happily. "Um-" my throat drys up as Mina gives me an evil smirk and waves as she walks off. I scramble up and try to give him a handshake, like I'm brand new to Japan, then- realizing my mistake- bow to him instead. He laughs a bit, and I feel my

face heat up again, both from embarrassment and his laugh. He bows to me too, "So, how've you been??" "G-Good," I stammer out. "That's good!!" He continues the small talk for a little bit, me only answering in simple, studdering words and mentally kicking myself every time. "So, obviously, I didn't come here for small talk," he sighs. He. . .He didn't. . .? "Yeah, uhm, I was wondering if you'd decided on an agency

yet-?" I shake my head. "Really-? I honestly thought you would. . .anyway, you're free to come join mine, if you'd like." My face flushes to the point where I'm sure it's visible through my fur. Me?! Join Pro Hero Hawks' agency?! Fighting off a smile, I shrug and make a motion in the side of my head in my fur like I was moving my hair behind my ear. Except my ears were on TOP of my head-

"Y-Yeah, s-sure, I-I guess we'll see. . ." He smiles, "Great!! See ya if I see ya??" I nod as he walks away. Stareing at the table, I don't realize that the Pomeranian is screaming at me. "AYE!!!! FUCKIN' LOOK AT ME!!!!!" I blink and look up, "Huh-?!" He huffs and leans back in his seat, "Are you fuckin' ignoring me?!" "Wh-What-?! N-No, I just-"

"You like him, don't you-?" My shoulders go ridged, both at the lack of an angry tone and the question. ". . .I knew it. . ." he sighed, standing up, "What is it about him, huh?!" "I-" "What about him makes you think he's good enough for you?!?!" "Wait, why do you-" "Is it because he's older?!?! HUH?!?!" "Why do you care?!?!

"BECAUSE I'M THE ONLY ONE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!!!!!" he spat. I blink in surprise and look at him. Seething, tears welling up in his eyes, he turned and stormed off. I slump in my seat. I had no idea he felt that way. . .

Hey, guys!!!! Thank you for reading!!!! I hope you liked it!!!! Let me know if you have any suggestions!!!! ~Akira~

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