I’ve been feeling quite empty, lately.
I’ve been feeling quite empty, lately. writing stories

akira Bright kid, dark eyes.
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I’ve been rattling on metal, but the cage makes no sound.

I’ve been feeling quite empty, lately.

Not empty as in, feeling like nothing in life’s worth living for anymore but —

More like feeling empty of words.

It’s been a while since I found the right words to say, and I’m becoming more and more terrified with every sentiment, every phrase, every staggering sentence I swallow back down my throat.

Every time I try to write, nothing comes out.

I think nothing,

I feel nothing,

I say nothing.

The words carry no weight, no meaning. And with them, my disposition follows.

It almost feels like saying goodbye.

But goodbye to what, I’m not sure.

I haven’t been sure of anything lately, either. The lingering emptiness leaves nothing to be thought of and felt.

And somehow, pain almost feels like a better substitute.

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