Between a smile...
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Between a smile..

Between a smile...

Between a smile

A few tears manage to slip by.

They aren't mine, but I can feel them roll

Further down the only stream;

The silent scream

Of the happiest town.

Shards of gentle edges rain over me

I should smile,

Let their sting cleave my own fears,

For I was the one who brought sadness

To this cheerful town.

If the melancholic firmament is the true face of my own immaturity,

I'll pick once more my fragile remnants,

I'll hide them, underneath my feet,

To fly along the gentle summer breeze

And I'll pick up the brightest flowers

For you alone.

I'll pull out the wavering warmth of my heart,

I'll pick up the wonders, the golden lights,

All the colours of this radiant town,

I'll make anything lighter, emptier,

So it can fly towards you.

I'm certain the silence that surrounds you, Will be less painful once it's full of everything we loved, From this utopic town.

Between one smile, A chain of wails -

As obscure as the last dress I wore for you -

Tarnishes the brightness of my presents.

I discovered that the light I see can no longer reach you.

I fall again to the shallow depths of the silent stream.

By giving out the best of me, I only reaped pain.

This silent town has nothing more but its own ashen debris for you and me.

I teared down the daylight for you I tried to illuminate the void where you lay Along countless stones and memories.

There's nothing left but sadness And a gloomy silence.

The only thing I can still give you, Is a last adieu.

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