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Tarian Gilraen is put on trial for his father, Baron Aleron Gilraen's, crimes. He must convince The Council and Justiciar that he is innocent with a single piece of evidence; his father's journal.

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Tarian sat in the stone chair in the middle of his cell, which was carved from the old basalt mountains he called home.

The familiar smell of a cold caves is what came to mind when he was first taken into custody.

A shiver ran up and down his spine as small bumps appeared on his sun kissed skin, and his autumn colored, translucent wings perked up for a moment.

He heard the chattering of the crowd entering The Dome, and looked up at the small carved hole in the ceiling of the cell.

Tarian stared at the only bit of daylight he had, hoping that it would not be the last he ever saw. The echo of a familiar voice bounced off of the stone walls.

"Allow me to see my nephew, please!" The young fairy recognized the voice as his aunt, Lady Aitheria Valis. Tarian stood from his chair, and looked out of his cell.

"Make it quick," the guard grumbled. The clicking of heels became closer and his aunt stood in front of him.

"I don't have much time, but you must tell them of your father's crimes," she said quickly. Lady Anthia shoved a journal into his hands. "This is all the evidence that you need.

The Justiciar will know what to do with this. I know you are innocent, Tarian. Do not let Aleron remain free."

"Thank you... I-" The cell began to shake as the ceiling opened up with a low rumble. Tarian paled and his legs began to wobble as the floor of his cell began to rise.

"Tell them the truth, Tari!" Lady Aitheria shouted. The cell rose and he was now in The Dome, the center of justice in the kingdom.

The Council and Justiciar stared him down, and the crowd was silent.

"Tarian Gilraen is accused of high treason against the Erlking, murder, and kidnapping. What say you? Are you innocent or guilty?" A Councilwoman asked.

Tarian looked around and saw his father in the balcony behind the Council with a smug look was plastered onto his face.

"I... am innocent of all crimes mentioned," he said, mustering up all his courage "My father is the guilty one!" The crowd muttered a bit, and his father paled.

"What evidence do you have to prove your innocence?" The Justiciar asked.

Tarian held up the journal. "This." A Councilman took the journal and gave it to the Justiciar. He read a few pages with a furrowed brow.

He whispered the words of a location spell, and a beam of light from the magic circle shined onto Aleron. He jumped to make an escape, but the guards quickly restrained him.

The Justiciar to the Council, and then to Tarian. "We find the accused innocent." The cage around Tarian lowered into the floor. "Thank you. You are free to go," the Justiciar stated.

Tarian let out a sigh of relief and quietly exited The Dome.

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