What Will I Do When You're Gone?
What Will I Do When You're Gone? smart stories

akevinnJust a teenager from Canada.
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A best friend of mine. But as I grew, so did you.

What Will I Do When You're Gone?

by Kevinn

You grew up with me.

Patient and kind.

A best friend of mine.

But as I grew,

So did you.

I remember when you were smaller,

You were an absolute lunatic.

Crazy and ready to play, all day long.

Just plain rowdy.

So that's what we called you.


But now you're older.

You turned ten just last month.

The grey from your chin has spread further down your face.

The beautiful brown, now turned lighter with your age.

Though you don't like to play very much anymore,

When I walk in the room, the sound your tail makes against the floor,

Still manages to brighten my day.

You have trouble with sitting up, and climbing the stairs,

But you still go nuts when I ask,

"Wanna go for a walk?"

I have always heard people say dogs are smart.

But I never really understood until I met you.

Rowdy, you are as smart as they come.

For a dog that is.

When I talk to you, your face changes,

like you're thinking about how to reply.

As if you can actually understand what I'm saying.

Maybe you can.

One of the things I love most about you,

At exactly 8:00 every night,

You follow me around and ask for a treat.

Of course some days I forget for a moment what it is your asking for.

Then you look at me with your big yellow eyes,

And I remember.

It seems that you might understand me when I speak,

More than I can understand you sometimes.

You are my best friend.

My blanket when it's cold,

My friend when it's dark,

And my forever companion when I go for a walk.

What would I ever do without you, Rowdy?

When your time finally comes, and I have to say goodbye.

I don't know how I'll cope,

I don't know how to live without you.

So, what in the hell will I do,

When you're gone?

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