The Thieves of my Soul
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akevinnJust a teenager from Canada.
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I have come to realize that the more I read, the easier it becomes to predict the ending.

The Thieves of my Soul

by Kevinn

I read a lot of books, and the majority of the books I read, I own.

I have so many in fact, that the shelves on my bookcase are beginning to bend.

Just this year I purchased my three-hundredth book.

I've been collecting since my childhood, and I don't intend to stop any time soon.

I have come to realize that the more I read,

The easier it becomes to predict the ending.

The girl gets the guy,

The hero defeats the villain,

The main character gains power greater than anyone else-

We get it!

After a while, they all start to blend together a little bit.

I'll find myself trying to remember the name of a series, or a certain book,

And I find that I can't.

The books I've read have bled together in the pages of my mind,

And half the time I can't remember which character is from which book.

This tends to happen a lot more than one might think.

Primarily because of similar plot lines, and easy-to-guess endings.

Have you ever read a book, and in just the first few chapters you think,

Hey! Wouldn't it be wild if this happened?

And then, later on, it does. And instead of thrilling you like it should have, it just makes you sigh, then you think,

I saw that coming.

Don't get me wrong,

I still love my books, and sometimes I feel as though I have left a little part of my soul with each one I finish.

But once you gain the ability to guess the ending,

They just aren't the same.

But then you'll find that one book.

That one book that's completely different from the others.

Completely impossible to predict what will happen next.

Books with twist endings that would've been impossible to predict.

Books that take a little more than their fair share of your soul.

Those books that are impossible to mistake for another.

But then,

After you've read it, it just falls on the pile of books you've long forgotten about.

If it was a great book it may stay on top of the pile for a while.

Mostly because you remember enjoying the book,

But maybe not why you enjoyed it.

One of the best things about books though,

You can read them again,

And again,

And again.

You can read them whenever the mood for a good book strikes you.

And then, once you do read them again,

They remind you of why they stole a piece of you in the first place.

And they'll steal a little bit more every time.

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