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akevinnJust a teenager from Canada.
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I didn't recognized who it was, but he was smiling like he recognized me.

The Journal

by Kevinn



Where am I?


I can't remember how I got here.

Should I remember?

I feel like I should.


What's that noise?


It's driving me nuts!


Seriously though, where am I?



I can't see,

My eyes are closed. Why are they closed?


My hearing seems to be unimpaired.


I can feel my body.

So I think I'm still alive.


Unless I died, and went to hell.

That would explain the incessant beeping.


At that moment, I noticed for the first time how much everything hurt.

I decided to check the damage, and to find out just where exactly I was.

I cracked my eyes open a slit before shutting them once more.



Let's try that again.

I opened them carefully, and ever so slowly.

A light.

My eyes focussed on that first.

Then I slowly peered around the room.

Needless to say I discovered the source of the beeping.

I was in a hospital.

Why was I in a hospital was what I needed to figure out.

No one was in the room with me.

No cards or flowers either.

Nothing out of place that would give any hints as to why I was there.

Nothing save for a rather worn-looking journal by my right foot.

I leaned forwards quickly to grab it.

Too quickly.

My side screamed in pain and black spots danced across my vision.

I leaned back and once I could see clearly again, I leaned forward.

Slower this time.

The journal had a page marked with a pencil,

Flipping it open, I stared for a moment.

The handwriting was eerily familiar.

Is that my handwriting?

I didn't know. But I began to read.

Dear Diary,

I am certain that the man was following me again today. The man in the green jacket.

I don't know what he wants but he scares me.

He was at Mom's funeral,

And Dad's,

But he wasn't upset there. He actually seemed proud, like he had killed them himself and gotten away with it.

I feel as though this is the case, and I am packing now to leave town.

I don't know if he did kill them or not, I just know that I won't be next.

Be right back Diary, there's someone at the door.

There was no writing after that.

Knock, knock

I jumped and looked at the doorway. I didn't recognize who it was, but he was smiling widely, like he recognized me.

Not happily, just widely.

The most striking thing about him though, was his jacket.

An old green jacket.

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