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akevinnJust a teenager from Canada.
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I've heard before, that your favorite song tells a lot about you.


by Kevinn

I've heard before, that your favorite song tells a lot about you.

Maybe that's why everyone has such different,

And sometimes similar,

Tastes in music.

Maybe, you like country songs about sweet romances.

Maybe you want a sweet romance of your own.

Maybe your more into loud stuff, like electronic and heavy metal.

Maybe because all you really want is to be loud and heard yourself?

Or maybe you're more of a laid back person,

maybe classical, relaxing music may be more your cup of tea.

If you were to look at my playlist,

You would see that it contains a little bit of everything.

From Madonna and P!nk and Katy Perry,

To Skrillex and In This Moment and Awolnation.

From random DJ's,

To random jazz artists.

And then there are the songs that seem to have magically just appeared on my playlist without my knowing.

Though I have an abundance of different artists and genres,

I have no one artist that I love completely,

Not one artist that I love unconditionally.

My playlist is in constant motion,

Constantly adding new songs,

Constantly deleting others,

Re-adding the songs that were popular two years ago, that no-one seems to remember actually exist.

Though I have no one favorite artist,

And though my playlist is continuously changing,

There is one song.

I may even call this one song my favorite song.

Because no matter how many times I rearrange my playlist, it never leaves.

No matter what mood I'm in, I'm always in the mood to listen to it.

It sits right at the top of my playlist.

Rupert Holmes' Escape.

A.K.A. The Piña Colada Song.

When I think about it,

This song does represent a little of who I am.

I get bored of things easily.

I like change, and doing exciting things.

I dream of one day escaping from everyday life,

And exploring the world with a companion and a camera.

The thing is though,

If I leave, there's a pretty good chance,

That I'll be so enthralled with the world,

I might not ever come back.

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