Don't Look Behind You
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akevinnJust a teenager from Canada.
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As a human being, it's plausible to assume that you've been scared before.

Don't Look Behind You

By Kevinn

As a human being, it's plausible to assume that you've been scared before.


As a child you were afraid of the dark,

Not just because it was dark,

But because you couldn't see.

And though you couldn't see what was in the dark,

You were thinking that just maybe whatever was there that you couldn't see,

Could in fact see you.

Have you ever ran up the stairs, as fast as you could for the fear of being dragged back down?

Feeling like it's right on your heels and feeling it's warm breath on the back of your neck?

Then when you got to the top you turn around and nothing was there?

But what if there actually was,

And you just couldn't see it?

As you are reading this you're probably sitting down.

Whether it's in public,

Or in your own home.

It doesn't matter where, but you are.

Do you feel like something is watching you?

Like something is looking over your shoulder as you read this?

Like something is there even though you know that you are alone?

But what if you aren't?

What if there is something behind you?

And what if I told you that if you turn around right now,

You would see it.

The thing that watches you in the dark,

And chases you up the stairs,

Just waiting for you to trip.

The thing that is behind you right now!

Would you turn around?

If you don't,

You are safe, and you can live your life as if you had never opened this story.


If you do decide to look,

Be prepared for the unimaginable horrors that await you,

When you realize that you have never really been alone.

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