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akevinnJust a teenager from Canada.
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Your mind is a completely individual, and beautiful thing.

Beautiful Minds

by Kevinn

One's mind can be the strangest thing.

What interests one person,

Might bore another to tears.

What one finds beautiful,

Another may find disturbing.

What I've always wondered though,

Do we really think with our brains,

Or with our hearts?

Those that tend to be more logical, I would think their brain.

But then there are those who wear their hearts on their sleeves, and I can't help but wonder if their mind resides within their heart.

For me though,

I'd say my mind resides in both.

Some days I'm living in my head, thinking thinks through and logically figuring out problems,

But on the days between those, I reside in my chest.

My heart tells me to go, and I go. My heart tells me to smile, and I smile.

Regarding where exactly in the body one's mind resides can be hard to tell. But so long as you know where you are,

You'll be okay.

What else I wonder about the brain are our memories.

I have the worst memory of anybody I know.

I've probably forgotten more than I've ever learned.

Whenever someone says to me,

"Hey, do you remember that time when-"

Usually I don't.

That sort of baffles me.

What makes their mind so different from mine that they are able to recall events that I will probably never remember?

Maybe its not that I don't care to remember,

But that I just can't remember how to remember.

It's weird to think that nobody else's brain thinks and functions exactly the way yours does.

That voice inside your head, the one you're using to read this right now,

Only you can hear that specific voice, no one else's sounds the same to them as yours does to you.

Have you ever wondered if we see things differently too?

There is a colour-wheel, it orders the colours closest to the colours that it can create, or that it is created from. - Yellow - Orange - Red - Violet - Blue - Green - Yellow -

And because it is a wheel, it is forever continuous.

But maybe my green is someone else's orange. And all their life they've been told it's green.

That sounds a bit confusing,

To clarify, if I asked what colour is the grass, you would say green.

But what if what one person perceives as green, is really orange to another person? Like the colour-wheel that they perceive is turned 90° to my own?

My colour-wheel may look like this: - Yellow - Orange - Red - Violet - Blue - Green - Yellow -

Someone else's however, though using the same names of colours as us, may look like this in comparison:

- Red - Violet - Blue - Green - Yellow - Orange - Red - (- Yellow - Orange - Red - Violet - Blue - Green - Yellow -)

It's weird to think about.

The point in trying to make though is that everybody's minds are odd, and completely different to one another's.

Whether you think with your mind, or your heart,

If in a week you will remember reading this or not,

Or even if your blue is someone else's red,

Your mind is a completely individual, and beautiful thing.

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