A New Perspective
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akevinnJust a teenager from Canada.
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What it's like when I take off my glasses.

A New Perspective

By Kevinn

I have glasses.

Not a big deal, lots of people have glasses.

I can't see without my glasses, and when I take them off,

It's like the world changes.

What was once clear is now unknown.

Fuzzy, blurry, splotchy.

That's how some people describe taking off their glasses.

I say it's beautiful.

It's like a camera that hasn't focused on the image yet.

The thrill of something to be, or the thrill of seeing something from a new perspective.

I'll lay on the grass some days, with my glasses on my forehead and just stare at the branches above me.

The morning light shining through the summer leaves, and the bluest sky peaking through in the empty spaces.

To me though, it turns into something else.

Colours of greenest greens and blues and yellows, fading together to form an abstract painting.

With no determined line between one colour and the next.

And when I put my glasses back over my eyes,

Everything seems to be clearer than ever.

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