A $1000 Milkshake
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akevinnJust a teenager from Canada
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I never asked for her name, but everyday I would ask her anything else.

A $1000 Milkshake

by Kevinn

For a few years now, she's been sitting in that booth.

Not continuously of course.

But, whenever I happen to be on shift,

There she is.

Everyday it seems.

I never asked her name,

But we made a sort of game out of our meetings.

Everyday I asked her a question.

What was her favorite colour?

Red, she would answer. Like cherries.

Where have you always wanted to go?

Anywhere, everywhere.

What's your least favorite day?

My birthday.

That day I asked two questions.


It reminds me that I'm running out of time.

I didn't ask for what.

Everyday she ordered a Milkshake.

Vanilla, with whipped cream and a cherry.

Our small diner was a bit old fashioned.

Only a dollar for a milkshake.

Since she's been coming here for a few years,

I've long lost count of how many she bought.

She stopped coming yesterday though.

But she left a note for me.

It was sitting on the table where she usually sat.

"Thank you," The note began.

Both for the questions and the milkshakes.

And for noticing me.

Believe it or not yesterday was my 999th milkshake.

And I give my one thousandth to you.

The signature at the bottom of the sheet was illegible. But I think her name started with an S.

Under the note, sitting on the table,

Was a singular dollar.

Her one thousandth milkshake paid for,

And gifted to me.

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